Gallery opening and exhibition photos, Galleria2, Pirkkala

Some photos from the gallery opening last Saturday. Thanks to everyone who came!
The exhibition will be open until the 7th of May at Galleria2, Pirkkala.



Drawings by Irina Raski

Drawings by Irina Raski

Sanna Maria Paananen and Tero Ulvila - Varjonkantaja I&II

Sanna Maria Paananen and Tero Ulvila – Varjonkantaja I&II

Teemu Heikkinen, installation

Teemu Heikkinen, installation

Sanna Maria Paananen and Tero Ulvila - "Liian pitkään" and "Seuraava aamu"

Sanna Maria Paananen and Tero Ulvila – “Liian pitkään” and “Seuraava aamu”

Drawings by Irina Raski, Sanna Maria Paananen and Tero Ulvila - Varjonkantaja I

Drawings by Irina Raski,
Sanna Maria Paananen and Tero Ulvila – Varjonkantaja I


Erilaisuuksia (Differences), at Imatra Town Hall, 2.4.-30.4.2014

It’s always interesting to have your art take up spaces that people usually just walk by. It’s a challenge too, and includes a lot of choice-making. What is the purpose of the exhibition? Is it to look like a regular art show, or to be more guerrilla-style, something that the viewer has to put more effort into to notice? How to make it professional looking enough with the materials given? What are the requirements and limitations the space has? Is there enough light for the works? Are the works of art safe there?

We went with a very conservative solution, since we felt that fit the exhibition and the space more. The show consists of the four winners of an art event from last year, so we felt that our pieces needed a calm surrounding to make everything more coherent. Stylistically, we don’t have that much in common, so calming the fairly busy town hall with these continuous white walls helped our works to form a better, more understandable union. We felt the more traditional look gives it a bit of extra “class”, taking it out of the town hall and into it’s own space.

Luckily, the town hall has plenty of space and light, and we didn’t have to compromise with what we wanted. We left some passage-ways to enter the exhibition from several places, in hopes that it will be more inviting this way. To not ruin the flow, two sculptures by Teemu Heikkinen were placed near those passages. These pieces also function as an invite – people can see them while walking on the corridor behind the walls.

I’m hoping we’ll get feedback to know how to improve this on future tries in such non-traditional places. One thing is for sure – we’ll know if the placement of those sculptures worked if they manage to survive the entire run of the exhibition…


Artworks by Sanna Maria Paananen, Natalia Montonen, Teemu Heikkinen and Tapio Mömmö.
Photos by Tapio Mömmö.