On personality in painting

Two new paintings – titled Introversion I and II. Both are oil paintings combined with beeswax, which is used to cover and obscure parts.

Introversion I, 30x30 cm, oil and beeswax 2015

Introversion I,
30×30 cm,
oil and beeswax

Introversion II, 70x100 cm, oil and beeswax 2015

Introversion II,
70×100 cm,
oil and beeswax

These were inspired by a discussion on showing personality in art. Sometimes people associate rawness in painting manner as being open, and that in turn becomes personal, “honest” art to them. Polish, or even anything not very painterly, quietness and introversion do not always seem to register as any sort of personality.

This has always bothered me. I used to strive for a painterly look, until during my thesis paintings I really got into thinking honestly about my personality. I am quiet, introverted, self-critical even to the point of it being a hindrance – would it not be false for me to paint in a very energetic, confident way? I feel the way I paint is a truthful representation of me. That’s where the rawness in my art lies. For me, excess polish would be to paint “freely”, in a way that is usually called “expressive”. The polish just wouldn’t be on the painting, but on my personality.

The aim is to illustrate that even where the personĀ is fully covered and closed-up, either by fabric or the distortion of the beeswax, there is still more said than hidden.