Late year 2013 wrap-up


With my second diploma painting (“Äiti, tuleeko koulusta huonoa palautetta?”, featured in the fourth square in the collage above) now having been sold, I figured it’s finally time to wrap up 2013 and really focus on new things.

Achievements of 2013:

  • I continued the process of creating my diploma pieces, cementing the idea of painting in black-and-white and using newspaper and other materials as part of my painting.
  • I exhibited at the graduation show in Imatra with my two paintings, Voimanainen and “Äiti, tuleeko koulusta huonoa palautetta?” (Both pieces now sold!)
  • I got my diploma
  • I had my first solo show (Vapaudeksi!/For freedom!) at Gallery Honkaharju, Imatra. I exhibited drawings of horses I had done after the horse meat scandal, exploring the different ways we see horses.
  • I started sketching and generating ideas and set-ups for new paintings at my newly-acquired studio in Imatra.
  • The paintings “Äiti, tuleeko koulusta huonoa palautetta?” and Katseet were chosen for the Portrait -exhibiton at Lahti Museum of Art.
  • I got invited to show my works at Unknown Cargo in Helsinki. With only a few paintings finished and less than a month until the opening when I got the invite… well,  it was very interesting, stressful – and extremely rewarding.
  • The largest newspaper in Finland, Helsingin Sanomat, even recommended my exhibition.
  • Sold the painting Voimanainen from the exhibition, my first larger work to be sold to a person I didn’t know previously.

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